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When it comes to stem cell therapy, it could be an eternity.

That’s why GIOSTAR of San Diego is pushing the stem cell research community to act more aggressively to overcome politics and red tape. It is delaying and preventing the United States from taking the lead in the therapeutic applications. “If America is not working aggressively, we will lose out to Asia”, contends Deven Patel, president, CEO and co-founder of the Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research (GIOSTAR) of La Jolla, California.

Countries like China, Thailand and India have expedited the process of clinical trials required by the United States and forge ahead into treating degenerative diseases, for which stem cell research holds much promise. Biotechnology is growing so fast in China, that within the next decade, it is expected to comprise 60 percent of that country’s growth! Thailand, another center of therapeutic applications, is the one of the few places in the world — Bangkok Hospital — where stem cell therapy has been developed commercially to tackle congestive heart failure.

Dr. Anand Srivastava Mr Deven Patel Speech Dr Anand Srivastava And Mr. Deven Patel

“If we are going to take too much time, these countries will take the lead,” Deven Patel added – an irony since it has been the United States, the Salk Research Institute, UCSD, UCI, UCLA, Sanford-Bernham and scientists like GIOSTAR’s Chairman and Co-founder Dr. Anand Srivastava who has been associated with these leading universities and research institutions have pioneered the research for more than dozen years and published extensively in revered scientific journals. Dr. Anand Srivastava has an extensive research experience in the field of adult and Embryonic Stem (ES) cell, which is documented by several publications in revered scientific journals. Dr. Anand Srivastava’s expertise and scientific achievements were recognized by many scientific fellowships and by two consecutive award of highly prestigious and internationally recognized, JISTEC award from Science and Technology Agency, Government of Japan. Based on his extraordinary scientific achievements his biography has been included in “WHO IS WHO IN AMERICA” data bank two times, first in 2005 and second in 2010.

Dr. Srivastava says, “While stem cell therapy is on the verge of revolution in parts of Asia, it is still regarded in some U.S. medical circles as risky and under the process of development, principally because of the association with ES cells, whose use has led to a high incidence of tumors and carcinoma”. But research has advanced so much in recent years, that ES cells research has been complemented with the use of induced pluripotent cells (iPSC), Dr. Srivastava added. iPSCs are derived from reprogramming a mature adult cell to give it back the properties of an embryonic stem cell. In order for this adult cell to return to a state of immaturity and be able to differentiate into all cell types. Dr. Srivastava says “the beauty of this science is that clinicians do not need to match the cells for transplant because iPSCs can be generated from a patient own cells, who is seeking for medical treatment”.

Dr.Anand Srivastava with knowledge of stem cells for public and private entities. Sees the availability of a Medical Miracle in the hub of Asia.

The Availability of a Medical Miracle in the Hub of Asia - Thailand

Stem cell plasticity Thailand leading knowledge of stem cell therapy

Scientists celebrated the stem cell therapy in the United States, “Dr. Anand” with knowledge of stem cells for government agencies and. private Sees the availability of a Medical Miracle in the hub of Asia.

Dr. Anand T. Wa Si Sawat (Dr.Anand Srivastava) President and Founder of Research and Therapy, Stem Cells. As a specialist in stem cells, said their attention to studying stem cells since 1990, especially in the genes. For medicinal purposes Because it is well known that stem cells are. The cells are present in a person’s body. Meanwhile, medical extraction of stem cells from different organs in the body in order to maintain or repair other organs are damaged. These include the treatment of diseases such as blood or Roma Katha thalassemia in medical stem cells. Is a special type of stem cells found in all periods of growth in living organisms. An important role in the proliferation of cells proliferate and differentiate into different types. To replace aging cells in the body can be divided into two major categories. Stem cells isolated from embryos. And stem cells derived from adult organisms or tissues Dr. Anand said in Thailand this time. To convey the knowledge of stem cells to scientists and organizations interested Thailand. Because of the current public attention to the issue of stem cells more.

Anyone can find out about the car of the Google logo. In particular, the stem cells to treat disease, when asked about the treatment with stem cells in that the cost is very high, Dr. Anand said he was not aware of the cost of. treatment of ThailandBut the cost in America. Or in countries where the treatment with stem cells is about. 50,000-60,000 US dollars in private thought. The cost of a stem cell treatment can be reduced. It requires the development of a stem cell therapy accessible in all groups. Which meet their objectives requires that all citizens have access to treatment with stem cells more easily. So he had to seek the cooperation of the country’s various family systems therapy with stem cells. For the benefit of all citizens, regardless. In any country in the world. As a result, the cost of maintaining less than the current “In addition, the stem cells would be useful in the treatment of various diseases ago. The disease is caused by genetics, such as thalassemia can be treated with stem cells, “said the Dr. Anand, who co-founded the Institute for Therapy and Stem Cell (GIOSTAR GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF STEM CELL THERAPY AND RESEARCH). America was paying attention to such institutions in the country. The aim, then, that Thailand is ready thread in many of the medical personnel, and also the right to a Medical Miracle hub of Asia. The last foreigners to be treated in a number of past Dr. Anand has done research on stem cells, together with leading universities in the United States, such as the Medical College of the University of San Diego. Diego, CA, with research on embryonic stem cells and adult life. Or tissues that have been published more than 50 editions of The Dr. Anand has also been internationally recognized as the knowledge.And specialized stem cells And is internationally recognized Dr. Anand had won JISTEC of Science and Technology, Government of Japan. And has presented his research won the award for excellence in the presentation of the “Meeting of Clinical Chemistry and Medicine, Kyoto,

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