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SAASCR Honors GIOSTAR Chairman Dr Anand – 9 Indian American Scientists Outstanding Cancer Research

GIOSTAR Chairman Receives Award for Outstanding Cancer Research from SAASCR

Organization commemorates a quarter century of leadership in combating intractable diseases

SAN DIEGO, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research (GIOSTAR), the pioneer in the field of stem cell science and regenerative medicine, was recently recognized for innovation in cancer research. The Society of American Asian Scientists in Cancer Research (SAASCR) honored GIOSTAR Chairman and Co-Founder Dr. Anand Srivastava with their prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award for 2020. Dr. Srivastava was one of only 10 scientists to receive this accolade, presented at SAASCR’s Annual Meeting on April 11, 2021.

A Novel, Multi-Faceted Approach to Cellular Cancer Immunotherapy
Throughout his illustrious career spanning over twenty-five years, Dr. Srivastava has held positions at prestigious institutions such as University of California San Diego Cancer Center, University of California Irvine, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, and University of California, Los Angeles. Having authored over 100 scientific publications, he has furthered the pursuit toward a cure for cancer – a disease which in 2018 accounted for 9.5 million deaths globally.

Dr. Srivastava’s research culminated in the following essential findings:

  • Mitochondria – organelles that produce energy through oxidative phosphorylation – are very inactive in cancer cells.
  • Re-activated mitochondria facilitate enhanced oxidative phosphorylation, resulting in reversal of cancerous cells into normal cells.

GIOSTAR is developing a three-pronged mechanistic approach to target cancer cells:

  • Utilizing cellular immunotherapy to specifically target tumor cells without damaging healthy ones, thereby minimizing side effects of treatment.
  • Identifying specific nontoxic molecules to block sugar uptake by cancer cells. This limits the nutrient supply needed to meet their increased energy demands.
  • Leveraging enhanced oxidative phosphorylation in cancer cells, which predominantly utilize the glycolytic pathway to produce the energy for their survival.

Extending Global Impact of Stem Cell Research

Under Dr. Srivastava’s leadership, GIOSTAR has accelerated progress toward development of stem cell-based therapies for diseases once considered as incurable. The company has spearheaded numerous recent initiatives including:

  • Receiving FDA Approval for Compassionate Use to treat COVID-19 using stem cells – one of the first institutions to receive this designation.
  • Successfully treating several critically ill patients suffering from COVID-19
  • Launching state-of-the art stem cell clinical facilities in Cancún, Mexico, and Chandigarh, India. The Chandigarh center is focused primarily on cancer research.

Celebrating Noteworthy Achievements of an Active Demographic

SAASCR is a California-based non-profit organization boasting more than 5,000 members – all of whom also share membership in the American Association for Cancer Research. Since its inception in 2004, the society has continuously endeavored to highlight contributions of American Asian scientists in cancer research – including the identification of novel biomarkers, and discovering new drugs for combating cancer.

Other recipients of the 2021 SAASCR Outstanding Achievement Award included researchers from Baylor College of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, University of South Florida, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, and other leading institutions.

“Finding a cure for cancer is an ambitious undertaking,” noted Dr. Srivastava. “I’m therefore quite humbled to be included in this extraordinary community of researchers by SAASCR.”


GIOSTAR is the pioneer and established leader in the field of stem cell science and regenerative medicine with the aim to develop treatments for metabolic and degenerative diseases. Headquartered in San Diego, USA, GIOSTAR’s team includes international leaders in the field of stem cell research, technologies, healthcare delivery, and hospital administration.

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Hollywood star Anna’s review on GIOSTAR skin serum product

Hollywood star Anna speaks about issues such as lines like on nose going up towards nose. She further says that she is hard to remain confident when things are definitely wrong. Since using the GIOSTAR skin serum product for 6 weeks, she is now better.

The lines around the eyes and right up to her forehead are getting better since using the product. She is using it on the chest, neck and thanks to the product, she is seeing reversal.

Hollywood star Anna review on GIOSTAR stem cell skin serum

Hollywood star Anna review on GIOSTAR stem cell skin serum

Anna was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called scleroderma in 2016. Before using GIOSTAR stem cell serum, her jaws were particularly heavy (weird). After using GIOSTAR stem cell serum therapy for 6 weeks she can see the lines diminishing around her eyes, nose.

She noticed tremendous difference especially in the neck, chest. Her other problem is that she tan very easily and get blotchy as she lives near the beach.

Ever since, using the product she can see the elasticity in the skin and blotchiness has faded. By using stem cell, skin serum from GIOSTAR is making a huge difference in the amount of recovery time and her overall appearance.

Hollywood star Anna’s reveals how GIOSTAR stem cell skin serum product improved her appearance

Hollywood star Anna’s reveals how GIOSTAR stem cell skin serum product improved her appearance

Hollywood star Anna talks about how her skin discoloration has reduced. The great thing about the product is that it takes about 3 minutes to do in the morning and 3 minutes at night to see the difference. She using the product for almost 7 weeks but expects to get a baby (soft) skin.

In 7 weeks, she is 80% better and 10 years younger. There is no sagging skin and elasticity is back. The moisture stays all day long and her skin never feels dry and does have bad reactions and with zero side effects.

Hollywood Star Anna’s review on GIOSTAR Ant-aging Skin Serum Therapy

Hollywood Star Anna’s review on GIOSTAR Ant-aging Skin Serum Therapy

Hollywood Star Anna speaks about GIOSTAR Anti-aging skin serum therapy that she has undergone. She says the person gets to the age of around 22 to 23 the human body is not able to rejuvenate and start aging.

Stem cell therapy in her opinion is the next generation therapy for making people look younger and live longer and better quality of look. She looks better, feel better and not concerned about her appearance. She says that everybody can use facial serum therapy provided by GIOSTAR to look younger and timeless.

Prospects of World Wide Stem Cell Therapy Industry in 2027


Stem cell therapy also known as regenerative medicine is considered to transform the healthcare industry in a few years from now. Stem cells can renew themselves through mitotic cell division and differentiated into a wide range of specialized cell types.

Stem cells are found in all human beings from the early stages of human life though the number decreases with age. Stem cell therapy involves the administration of isolated cells for the treatment of diseases or traumatic damages. The advances in the field of stem cell therapy are considered to transform the healthcare industry within a few years. It is reflected by the fact that the increasing awareness related to stem cell therapy for effective disease management and growing demand for regenerative medicines is driving the stem cell therapy industry.

The Market potential of stem cell therapy industry – An overview

The stem cell therapy market was valued at US$ 1,534 million in 2019. It is estimated to reach US$ 18 billion by the end of 2028. It is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.7% from 2020 to 2027.

With potential treatment procedures undergoing clinical trials and a noticiable number of stem cell therapies, having won FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval for clinical usage is expected to fuel the growth of the stem cell therapy market.

Key factors that are driving the growth of the global stem cell therapy industry

Following factors are likely to drive the growth of the stem cell therapy industry at global level-

  • Increasing aging population,
  • Grwoing disease awareness,
  • Grwoing awareness about side-effects of conventional medicines,
  • Increasing incidences of viral and other diseases such as cancer, corona, cardiac abnormalities, organ failures etc
  • Development of banking facilities and resultant enhancement of stem cell production, storage and characterization.

The existence of stem cell based treatments has been established as a clinical standard of care for different conditions such as epithelial stem cell based therapy for burns as well as for corneal disorders and hematopoietic stem cell treatment for leukemia.

The division of global stem cell therapy market based on types-
The global stem cell therapy market is categorized based on the following types-

  • Therapy type,
  • Therapeutic area,
  • Cell type,
  • End-user,
  • Region.

Based on therapy type, the market is divided into autologous and allogenic. By therapeutic type, it is categorized into malignancies, musculoskeletal disorders, autoimmune disorders, dermatology and others.
Adult stem cell therapy held the largest market share of the market in 2020. The induced pluripotent stem cell therapy is estimated to register the highest CAGR in the market.

The region wise share of the stem cell therapy industry-

North America holds the largest share of the stem cell therapy industry. It is expected to continue this trend over the coming years. It is due, in part, to the existence of organized and developed healthcare systems, which uplift the research and development activities in the USA and Canada. Other part is contributed by the growing awareness among the patients about the curative abilities of the stem cell therapies.

The highest CAGR for stem cell therapy is likely to grow in Asia Pacific region due to the wide usage of stem cells in regenerative medicines, especially in the dermatology sector. Overall, the growing numbers of regenerative medicine centers are in turn expected to drive the stem cell therapy industry in the future.

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