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Dr. Rangnath Mishra

Dr. Rangnath Mishra

Dr. Rangnath Mishra, MS, PH.D.

Senior Scientist
Department of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University
Division of Nephrology
Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Dr. Mishra works on cell signaling pathways involved in kidney and lungs cells. Cell signaling pathways induced by diabetes in kidney cells lead to extra-cellular matrix deposition, which in turn, leads to decline in renal function. He is leading a team which is trying to investigate which genes are induced by diabetes in kidney cells during diabetes and which proteins can be used as biomarkers in progressive kidney diseases. Based on his bioinformatics data and some preliminary clinical data in human, a set of ten potential biomarkers has been recognized that will help detect the early onset of decline in kidney functions. He is one of the leaders in his research field and has published several leading research findings in the high rated medical journals.

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