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Dr. Om Srivastava
MS, Ph.D.

Dr. Om Srivastava

Dr. Om Srivastava, MS, PH.D.

Optimer Pharmaceuticals Inc.
San Diego, California, USA

Dr. Om Srivastava received his degree in Medicinal Chemistry in 1983 and joined Prof. Ole Hindsgaul group at University of Alberta, Canada. In 1987, he joined Alberta based company, ChemBioMed Ltd., where as a Senior Research Scientist and a group leader he was involved in the synthetic and development aspects of complex carbohydrates with the major focus on blood group determinants, tumor associated antigens, cell adhesion molecules for selectins. He has worked at Alberta Research Council and has led a program to develop the treatment of Arthritis, Asthma, Bacterial and Viral diseases. In 1994, he was honored as the Distinguished Scientist at Alberta Research Council and was responsible for the development of Science and Technology for the Province of Alberta, Canada. He has more than 75 Scientific Publications, Patents and Conference Proceedings. He has presented several invited lectures in International Conferences.

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