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Open Journal of Organ Transplant Surgery (OJOTS) requesting scientific manuscript from GIOSTAR Chairman Dr. Anand Srivastava

Open Journal of Organ Transplant Surgery (OJOTS)

Dear Anand S Srivastava,

In view of your valuable publications in academic circle, we hereby invite you to submit your current scientific manuscripts to “Open Journal of Organ Transplant Surgery” ( ISSN Online: 2163-9493), a peer-reviewed open-access journal.

The manuscripts are expected to be submitted through our Manuscript Tracking System. If you have difficulties in logging in our Online Submission System, please send the papers directly to this e-mail (unified naming format of mail theme: 209 – “Article Title”), we will upload your papers to our system within 24 hours.

Potential Topics (not limited to)

Allograft and allotransplantation Isograft
Autograft Transplant rejection
Cadaveric (non-living) donors Split transplants
Domino transplants Xenograft and xenotransplantation
Published Articles in OJOTS
Antimicrobial Effect of Skin for Allograft and Management in Burn Wound
Kihwan Lim, Cheonjae Yoon, Jungsuk Lee
A Modified, Rapid and Safe Technique of Kidney Only Procurement from Donors after Circulatory and Brain Death (DCD, DBD)
André G. Baranski, Hwai-Ding Lam
The Effect of Non-Invasive Goal Directed Fluid Administration on Graft Function in Deceased Donor Renal Transplantation: A Pilot Study
Joseph R. Whiteley, Jason M. Taylor, John J. Freely Jr., Thomas I. Epperson, Laura Bell, John L. Murray IV, Charles F. Bratton, William R. Hand
Important Issues
Deadline: July 25th, 2017
Publication Date: August 2017
There is no charge for publishing articles in this journal now
Best regards,
Prof. Rubin Zhang (Tulane University, USA)
OJOTS Editorial Office

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