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Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi inaugurates Giostar’s Saviour hospital in Ahmedabad

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi inaugurates GIOSTAR Saviour hospital in Ahmedabad


Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi inaugurates Giostar’s Saviour hospital in Ahmedabad

Gujarat’s every district will have one medical college, said Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi today speaking at inaugural function of Saviour hospital in Ahmedabad.

The new hospital has come up on Stadium road of Navrangpura in Ahmedabad at an investment of Rs 35 crore. It has come up as a part of the materialization of one of the MOUs during the Vibrant Summit. The hospital is constructed in association with

GIOSTAR Stem Cell Research Institute of America, and will make available the Stem cell transplantation therapy to the people.

Speaking on the occasion Shri Narendra Modi said the Vibrant Summit is becoming instrumental in bringing the best of education and medical world to the state which is the real outcome of the Summit, apart from the investment it fetches to the industries sector.

He said the government has set up 15 new medical colleges and about 2115 seats in medical courses during last one decade. In 2001, there were only two medical colleges and 500 seats but now it has increased by many-fold, he said.

The Chief Minister said stem cell therapy was even present in India’s Vedic science tradition. He said world’s oldest plastic surgery was done on Shri Ganeshaji by placing human head on elephant’s body.


Chief Minister informed the state government has signed MOU with GIOSTAR, USA, and has set up a special organization with a view to free the tribal people of Gujarat from the genetical diseases like Sickle cell and Anemia.

Health Minister Mr. Jaynarayan Vyas said the state government is developing the medical services sector on PPP model. He expressed

happiness that stem cell therapy is becoming available in Gujarat as an is outcome of MOU during Vibrant Summit.

Globally acclaimed stem cell physician and the Director of GIOSTAR Dr.IVA said the vibrancy of Gujarat has become a source of attraction for the investors of all over the world. With the availability of stem cell treatment in Gujarat, a new chapter of success has been added to the all-round growth story of the State, she said.

Leading doctors and prominent people of medical services sector were present on the occasion.


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