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Liver Cirrhosis Treatment at GIOSTAR – Patient Testimonial

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment at GIOSTAR – Patient Testimonial

Stem Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis – Patient Testimonial



Mr. Pranav Parekh is yet another sufferer of liver cirrhosis; who has acknowledged the science of regenerative medicine and trusted GIOSTAR to offer him stem cells therapy. The patient has had severely progressed liver cirrhosis, which was confirmed through liver biopsy, after his consultation with gastroenterologist. The patient underwent three sessions of stem cells infusion and found drastic improvement in his pathological reports; confirming his recovery.

Hello, my name is Pranav Parekh, 32 years old from Valsad. I am a working professional and was suffering with swellings in my legs and hands for quite a long time. Initially, I ignored it to be a normal swelling, but later on I could sense the severity of the disease; when I noticed unusual fluid accumulation in my legs, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and vomiting like sensations. These symptoms forced me to visit specialists, who suggested me liver biopsy along with 2-3 other diagnostic tests. Finally, on October 2015, I confirmed with Liver Cirrhosis, and my doctor suggested me liver transplant, as an ultimate treatment option.

I was very disappointed and frustrated with my chronic ailment and desperately finding a solution for the said problem. I started searching for a suitable liver donor; but it was checking my patience level, as I was not able to find a suitable donor. My desperation, ultimately allowed me to consult GIOSTAR, stem cells experts.

I understood the procedure and principle thoroughly; and decided to undergo treatment as my preferred choice. I underwent three sessions of stem cells therapy and during each session, I found tremendous improvement in my stamina, emotional wellbeing and physical wellbeing. After 3rd session, I found that my swelling has disappeared completely and my other symptoms, like frequent fever, chills, etc. were as well observed to be under control. Now, I don’t have to live with a fear of any time hospitalization and very happy with the treatment outcome.

My reports have confirmed that my haemoglobin has increased from 9 initially to 11.1, whereas total bilirubin has gone down from 8. 8 to 8.1. The most important parameter suggesting better recovery is albumin, which has found to be increased from 2.8 to 3.1.

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