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Arthritis Stem Cell Therapy at Giostar – Patient Testimonial

Arthritis Stem Cell Therapy at Giostar – Patient Testimonial

From the last three years, I face difficulty in walking because of arthritis, then I consulted a doctor, who suggested that I have go through a surgery. Then I heard about stem cell treatment at Giostar Hospital, arrived here. After consulting doctor over here, I felt very satisfied and I went through stem cell treatment. After the first session, only I felt my condition improvement almost 50 percent. Earlier my legs used to get locked while walking, but now this problem is almost gone. Now, after the second sitting, I am feeling very good, and feel that my condition has improved by 70 percent. Until now, one session is left, as the course is of three sittings. Two sessions have already completed and one is left, and I hope that after the third session, my problem will be gone forever. I would like to thanks the doctor and staff at Giostar Hospital. The ambiance is very homely here and I don’t feel that I am away from home. The staff is very cooperative and polite, ad even if we have any queries they talk very politely and all give satisfactory answers to our queries.


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