Global Institute Of Stem Cell Therapy And Research
US: +1 (800) 969-4188 | Mexico: +1 (619) 866-6000 | India: +91-8905483753

Certificate Course

What Sets Us Apart

Headquartered in USA.
The founder is leading stem cell scientist credited with helping in setting up the stem cell research labs at top research institutions in the US including Salk Research Institute, Sanford-Burnham Institute, UCI, UCSD.
Scientific And Medical Advisers/Consultants are comprising of luminaries who have worked at University of California, San Diego (UCSD), University of California Irvine (UCI).
Endorsed by Honourable Prime Minister of India.
State of the art and an only private hospital in India inaugurated by Prime Minister.
World’s Largest Stem Cell Hospital funded by the government of India.

Stem Cell Certificate Course Offered By GIOSTAR



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