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Ref: EMP_2016_108
Title: Down-regulation of epithelial membrane protein-1 is associated with HNSCC cell proliferation
Journal: Experimental and Molecular Pathology
Corresponding Author: Zezhang Tao
Co-authors: Yang Xiling, Wang Lei, Hu Zhangwei, Xu Yong, Zheng Anyuan, Li Fen, Xiao Bokui, Chen Chen

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Experimental and Molecular Pathology


To investigate epithelial membrane protein-1 (EMP1) gene function in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC) tumorigenesis and development. We first used GEO dataset to analyze the EMP1 gene expression in HNSCC. Second, we investigated the EMP1 protein expression in tissue microassay to analyze the relationship between EMP1 protein expression and TNM stage. Third, the co-expression genes data of EMP1 were extracted from Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia database(CCLE database) , and their correlation were analyzed in The Cancer Genome Atlas HNSCC database(TCGA HNSCC database). Next, the GO (Gene Ontology Analysis) and KEGG Pathway enrichment analysis were carried out. Finally, we overexpressed the EMP1 in HNSCC cell line Cal-27, protein expression were analyzed by Western blot respectively as well as cell viability and migration were evaluated by Cell Counting Kit-8 (CCK-8) and transwell chamber assay. Analysis of GEO dataset concluded that EMP1 gene is down-regulated in HNSCC tumor tissues compared with normal tissues (P<0.05). There was no statistically significant difference of EMP1 gene expression between different T-stage and N-stage tumor tissues (P>0.05). The results of TMA showed that EMP1 protein expression in tumor was lower than that in normal tissue (P<0.05). Expression of EMP1 protein was not correlated with TNM stage of HNSCC. In addition, The Cal-27 overexpressed EMP1 significantly decreased cell viability and the invasion significantly reduced (P<0.05). After EMP1 overexpression ITGA3 and EPHA2 genes were significantly up-regulated, while ANXA1 gene was significantly down-regulated. Our data demonstrated that EMP1 gene down-regulation involved in the HNSCC tumorigenesis and development. It may serve as a novel biomarker for prognostic evaluation of patients with HNSCC.

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Liver Cirrhosis Treatment at GIOSTAR – Patient Testimonial



In April 2016, 55 years old, Mr. Ashwinbhai Soni, suffering with liver cirrhosis arrived at the GIOSTAR after quite sufferings and very concerned about his professional as well as personal life. His viral load was very high and liver enzymes were as well elevated beyond the limits, due to which his doctor suggested him of no other option; but a liver transplant. Read how Mr. Ashwinbhai Soni has undergone stem cell therapy with us and how is he feeling currently.

Hi my name is Ashwinbhai Soni and I am currently working with GV. Since last 4-5 years I had been regularly hospitalized for my weakness, abdominal pain, passing of blood through stool problems. Doctors had initially concluded a liver problem, but the severity of the issue was not noticed till the time, I consulted a gastroenterologist. He consulted me well and check for my personal, professional as well as family history. As per his suggestions, I underwent two-three diagnostic tests; which ultimately concluded a severe liver disease, named liver cirrhosis.

After that I had to be admitted 5-6 times in a hospital every year; for blood transfusions. I have even had blood vomits twice or thrice last year, I used to feel lot of weakness and my friends and family suggested me to take complete rest, considering severity of my issue. At one point of time, I was so frustrated that I was about to leave my job. I had been undergoing treatment at Sterling hospital with gastroenterologist, who ultimately suggested me liver transplant by analysing my biopsy reports. Luckily, through newspaper, I came to know about stem cells therapy at GIOSTAR and how many people have been benefitted without a surgery.

Doctors and specialists at GIOSTAR are very soft, knowledgeable; who made me understand the entire process, including risks and benefits. I finally decided to give a try; before opting for the liver transplant. I underwent total 4 cycles; although each cycle was just a daytime affair. The procedure was too smooth to my expectations; and I could internally feel the change, in the first sessions itself. However, my gastroenterologist was still suggesting me that a transplant is the better option; and this is not going to work.

After 2nd session, I found that my stamina is slowly increasing, along with my appetite and emotional mood swings. After 3rd sessions, I found out that I can work almost 10-12 hrs a day, whereas initially, I was not being able to continue even for 2 hrs. My appetite has considerably increased and I have started living normal life again. Even to my surprise even my gastroenterologist declared that I need not to undergo any transplant and everything is going on very smoothly. I may undergo additional sessions of stem cells therapy, as per expert’s advice; but for now I am very happy and thankful to all the staff of GIOSTAR; for bringing me back into my life.

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