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Surat to get Rs 90 cr Stem Cell Hospital


Surat to get Rs 90 cr stem cell hospital

SURAT: The city has taken a major leap in medical field. A stem cell hospital to be developed at a cost of Rs 90 crore will become operational within three years.

The entire project will be undertaken and financed by the government health department and Rs 30 crore will be released this year as the first installment.

The 160-bed hospital will also carry out extensive research on stem cell.

The seven-storey building will come up adjacent to the Cancer Research Centre in New Civil Hospital campus. The posts of microbiologist, pathologist, paediatrician and administrator have already been approved and process of recruitments is underway.

“We have already started work for constructing the laboratory. The entire project is going on at a good speed,” said M K Vadel, superintendent of NCH.

San Diego, California-based Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research will provide the necessary technical assistance, train the local staff and assist in research activity.

“We are working on the design of the project which is the in final stage and once the grant is received we would start the construction work full steam. The project is being developed in Surat keeping the health issues related to tribals,” said Vadel.

Sickle-cell anaemia being a prevalent problem in the tribal belt of south Gujarat, research in using stem cell technology can help in controlling it, experts believe.

“Currently, the hospital will focus largely on sickle-cell anemia and spinal cord problems,” added Vadel.

The NCH authorities are yet to get details about the treatment charges for citizens. The project will be another major development at the Surat NCH after initiation of leptospirorsis laboratory and cancer research.


I am Dr Divyang Patel, Spine surgeon at Giostar Hospital India. We had a patient, of forsal spine injury at the level of D 9 D10 vertribra with paraperesis. Patient was operated before two years for spine fixation somewhere. After operation, there was no recovery. Patient came to know about stem cell therapy and came to us two months back. After first session of his stem cell therapy, patient experienced some senses in his bladder and some improvement in his toe movement.

I work in UGVCL government electric power company. Two years back I met with an accident when I fell down from an electric pole into a pit and suffered from D-9-D-10 level of spinal cord injury. For the last one and a quarter years, I was undergoing physiotherapy at home, but it was not helping me much. Then I read about stem cell therapy conducted at Giostar Hospital, which can help in spinal cord injury. Then I decided to go through stem cell therapy and within 24 hours of first session of stem cell therapy, I got my bladder senses back, and I felt the urge for urination. I also felt some senses in my legs and felt some strength in them as well. My legs are now working a bit and I can also move them a little, and I also started feeling my waist after the first session of the stem cell treatment. After the second session, my sensations enhanced further, and reflex movements have increased. For instance, I can fold my legs when sleeping and I can stretch both the legs and can move my fingers.

When I stand up with the help of a walker, I can feel that the balance of my lower body is now better and I can also move my legs while standing. The movement of my legs has improved and so are the sensations in my legs. Another change that I have noticed is that if anyone pricks or pinches on my leg, my legs move and even the fingers start moving. There is improvement in my knee movement as well. As a baby crawl on its knee, I can also crawl on my knees, and can stand on my knees for a longer time. I can do all my work myself, I can do ball-on roll, and I can go to toilet by myself and if two people hold me from either side then I can stand up and can walk a little as well. All these improvements after the second session of stem cell treatment and for this, I must thanks Dr Utkarsh and other staff at Giostar Hospital.


Note: Result varies from patient to patient. These testimonials do not constitute typical results nor do we claim otherwise.

Guj govt to set up body to control sickle cell anaemia

Yahoo News - Gujrat Govt To Set Up Body To Control Sickle Cell Anaemia

Yahoo News – Gujrat Govt To Set Up Body To Control Sickle Cell Anaemia

Gandhinagar, Mar 18 (PTI) The Gujarat government will set up a separate agency to control sickle cell anaemia (SCA), a rare genetic disorder prevalent largely in tribal belts in the state, the state assembly was informed today. “Sickle Cell Anaemia Control Society will be set up which shall be dedicated towards combating this disease,” Health Minister Jaynarayan Vyas said. The US-based Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research (GIOSTAR) has inked an MoU with the Gujarat government for establishing a stem cell centre at Civil Hospital in Surat to offer modern day treatment for the disease, he told the House. SCA is a congenital illness, where blood cells get de-shaped leading to anaemia amongst patients and deposition of iron in organs, thus adversely impacting the general system. Around 1,334 people have tested positive for SCA in Gujarat. Traces of this rare genetic disorder were found amongst 7,964 persons out of the 73,230 screened during 2010-11, Vyas said. Those affected were largely found in tribal belts of districts like Valsad, Dang, Navsari, Tapi, Surat, Vadodara, Banaskantha, Sabarkantha, Godhra, Dahod and Narmada, he said. During a survey, traces of the disease were found amongst 10-14 per cent of the population residing in tribal belts of these districts, the Minister said. Of the 13,67,953 people screened in 64,00,000 tribal pockets so far, 10,475 have tested positive for SCA, while 1,62,706 showed traces of it, he told the Lower House.


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