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GIOSTAR Partnered With Stemputics

GIOSTAR has agreed to commercialize and promote DCGI (Indian FDA) approved stem cell therapies for Critical Lab Ischemia and Osteoarthritis to suffering masses in India and abroad that is developed by STEMPEUTICS Research Private Limited for Cipla and Kemwell Biopharma.

GIOSTAR partnered With Stemputics

GIOSTAR, a pioneering global stem cell research organization, via STEMPEUTICS, an Indian biotechnology company which has developed DCGI – CDSCO (Indian FDA) approved stem cell product for Critical Limb Ischemia for Cipla and Osteoarthritis for Kemwell Biopharma entered into a commercial agreement with both Cipla and Kemwell Biopharma to commercialize and promote these two stem cell products/treatment to masses in India and abroad.

The partnership will leverage STEMPEUTICS’s expertise in developing innovative stem cell-based therapies and GIOSTAR’s global presence in the field of stem cell research and clinical expertise in stem cell treatments to address the unmet medical needs of patients suffering from critical limb ischemia and orthopedic conditions.

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