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Patient Stories

I am suffering from diabetes from the last twenty to twenty-five years and the level was up to 450. Even administration of insulin had no effect on my diabetes. Fortunately, I read about Giostar Hospital and stem cell therapy conducted here in newspaper. After reading it I decided to visit the facility. There I was informed about the procedure of stem cell therapy and I was told that it would take three stem cell transplants. I went through the procedure and the stem cell treatment proved very beneficial to me. After going through stem cell therapy my diabetes level has dropped to 150. In fact, the dosage of insulin has also decreased from 40 units insulin, which I used to take earlier to seventeen to twenty-seven units of insulin. Now, I strongly recommend stem cell therapy for all the diabetic patients out there.


Note: Result varies from patient to patient. These testimonials do not constitute typical results nor do we claim otherwise.

Hi, I am Ranjit kaur, and sitting next to me is my Husband Sardar Kuljeet Singh. We hail from Amritsar and I have been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis from the last fifteen years. I have undergone several treatments and have taken a number of medicines ranging from Allopathic, homeopathic, and even Ayurvedic, but benefitted from none of them. In fact, my condition became worse than ever and I became dependant on steroids. Fortunately, A few months back a doctor based in Amritsar, Dr. Rajesh Gupta told us about Giostar savior hospital in Ahmedabad where stem cell therapy is administered and it has even proved to be helpful for treatment of patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Therefore, we decided to come to Ahmedabad and go through stem cell treatment at Giostar hospital in Ahmedabad. We came here two months back, and I went through the first cycle of stem cell treatment here at Giostar Hospital. Miraculously, I felt the improvement in my condition, as I felt a lot of dryness in my eyes earlier and saliva almost stopped forming in my mouth, but after this treatment the dryness of my eyes is gone and I can feel saliva forming in my mouth. I even stopped taking painkillers and steroids. Earlier, I felt acute pain, but now the pain has also lessened a lot. Now, we are here for the second cycle, and hope it will bring in further benefits. I hope and pray to god that after the third cycle of stem cell treatment I get rid of rheumatoid arthritis altogether.

We are thankful to Dr. Rajan Joshi, Dr. Vinayak Patel, Dr. Utkarsh, and other doctors and staff of team Giostar. All of them are very compassionate and cooperative. We thank them all.

Note: Result varies from patient to patient. These testimonials do not constitute typical results nor do we claim otherwise.

Dr. Rajan Joshi, the medical director of Giostar Hospital talks to one of the patients Mr. Dilip Bhai Patel. He came to Giostar Hospital with cirrhosis of liver, and started a treatment around 5 months back, today he is finished three transplants, and he has recovered largely. He speaks about his own experience at Giostar. In the works of Dilip Bhai Patel, “I came to Giostar hospital for liver cirrhosis stem cell treatment around five months back. It has been five months since the administration of stem cells, and now I am recovering well. Earlier I had problems with walking and even eating. Most of the time I feel like throwing up after having my meals, but now all these symptoms have discontinued. My blood reports showed drastic improvements in my condition, and I have gained weight as well, at least ten kilos after administration of stem cell treatment. All this has been possible because of the efforts of the team and innovative stem cell techniques of Giostar hospital.

Note: Result varies from patient to patient. These testimonials do not constitute typical results nor do we claim otherwise.

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