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Dr. Ewa Carrier

Professor, Stem cell Transplantation
Cancer Center, School of Medicine
University of California San Diego, USA

Dr. Carrier, a Stanford graduate, is a world-renowned clinician and research specialist in stem cells transplantation. She has been trained in the world famous transplant center at the University of California San Francisco, and spend last 15 years working on research and clinical aspects of transplantation. She has developed a unique in utero stem cell transplantation model and was Principal Investigator on prenatal transplantation model in humans. She has also developed unique serum-free culture conditions for culturing human embryonic stem cells and differentiated them into erythrocyte precursors. She actively participates in national clinical transplant protocols for hematological malignancies. She has recently published clinical outcomes on patients with Leukemias and lymphomas who relapsed after allogeneic transplantation and were treated with CTLA4 IG monoclonal antibodies to enhance T cells immunity. She has extensive experience in stem cells, transplantation for several devastating diseases including Sickle cell Disease and B-Thalassemia, Lupus etc.

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