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Liver Cirrhosis Treatment at GIOSTAR – Patient Testimonial


Liver Cirrhosis Treatment at GIOSTAR – Patient Testimonial


Mr. Vizar Ali Noor Mohammed, 60 years old was suffering with liver cirrhosis – patient testimonial and undergone stem cells treatment with us; through the recommendation of his relative. The patient visited us, all the way from his residence at Nagpur, Maharashtra. His pathological reports were clearly indicating very low levels of haemoglobin 11, platelets 24000 and Albumin 3.1; which straightaway reflect the possibility of liver failure.

However, within 10 months of his stem cells infusion sessions, he detected to be recovered very nicely. His platelet counts have been increased to 45000 and his albumin count has also improved to 4; thus exhibiting good recovery.

Hi, my name is Ali Noor Mohammed and I am from Nagpur, Maharashtra. I had been suggested stem cells therapy at GIOSTAR, for my Liver cirrhosis, by one of my relatives, who resides at Yawatmal, Maharashtra. From the very first day of my consultation till date; I found that doctors here are very experienced and co-operative. They are very positive and thoughtful; and the whole treatment was offered to me with a very positive attitude.

I am feeling much better, since my initial session and definitely would recommend the treatment to someone, who is suffering with Liver Disorders.

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